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Our service is directed to both commercial and private customers, looking for a fast and reasonable translation service. You can naturally place your order in the evening or on the weekend, quite easily via our website! We translate both simple and complex texts within a very short time.
Our translations are done using sophisticated translation systems in order to ensure the continuous style of your documents, and a REAL translater takes responsibility for your translation. Due to the fact that today almost all texts are created by computer, data can easily be transferred by e-mail. Hard copy texts can be delivered.

We offer the following types of translations:

  • basic translations
  • technical translations
  • certified translations

Quality Assurance

Translation orders will be executed in compliance with the norm DIN.
A shortened version of that DIN norm for translators is as follows:
..To some extent, the object of a translation is to replace the original document, although chronologically every translation is secondary in its relation to the original publication. Nevertheless, even if the translation is regarded as a primary document, it must be possible to identify the original version. This International Standard deals with both these aspects of translations. ..

Stylistic Revision

If requested, we can revise your texts for direction to certain target groups (for example, ad material, brochures for companies or travel agencies a.s.o.). We also prepare texts, which need a basic stylistic check.

Translation and Ghost Writing

We translate your original documents in proper style and adjusted to the appropriate target group. Moreover, depending on your wishes and information, we can write texts in English, Russian and German language, on your request.


You are currently receiving visitors from abroad for talks or workshop tours? Jäckel Translation Service will offer you the appropriate interpreting service: Liaison interpreting and interpreting during negotiations.